Growing The U.S. Real Estate Video Audience

February 10, 2008

When we last talked about the composition of our real estate video audience, we spoke about putting new emphasis on growing our English language audience.  We’re happy to report that in January 2008, Vidlisting continued to grow both traffic originating from the United States and  our overall English language audience regardless of origin both on a volume and a percentage basis. The below numbers only are from January (which is traditionally a slow month for US real estate but we still had over 70,000 videos viewed)

Identifiable traffic by IP address (Jan 08)

Traffic from the United States:  49%  (sharply up from last year)

Traffic From Europe: 39%  (up from last year)

Traffic From Latin America: 9%

Traffic from Asia: 2%

Languages for overall page views (Jan 08)

Spanish: 40%

English: 40%

Portuguese: 20%

Language For Videos Viewed (Jan 08)

Spanish: 43%

English: 29%

Portuguese: 27%

Our sharp growth within the US is partially due to our broadening and deepening relationship with the REALTOR Association of Greater Miami and the Beaches (RAMB) as well as our expanding marketing efforts in other parts of the US. We believe that the difference between the overall page views and the video view percentages are from the number of IPs that originate in the US but watch real estate videos in Spanish.

In summary, we are beginning to approach the desired traffic mix to our videos.  Still some tweaking to do, some key hires to make, and a few marketing campaigns to run before we have it fully tweaked though.

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  1. Good Points – I enjoyed reading over your article, made sure to bookmark your site for future reference. Talk to you later.

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