The Business Of Video

February 12, 2008

What business are real estate video companies in?   

The railroads collapsed because they thought they were in the railroad business, when really they were in the transportation business. They let others take customers away from them because they assumed themselves to be in the railroad business rather than in the transportation business. The reason they defined their industry wrong was because they were railroad-oriented instead of transportation-oriented; they were product-oriented instead of customer-oriented.
– Theodore Levitt, “Marketing Myopia”, Harvard Business Review 38 (July-August 1960)

We’ve never thought that Vidlisting in the business of making videos.  Videos and the technical platform that enables the delivery of videos are just a sales tool – our business is about helping others sell. 

Bringing a bit more of a modern interpretation:

“That’s what’s so funny about this video “boom”. People are rushing to make a site where people are going to get on the bandwagon and upload UGC [editor note: user generated content] and they think they’re going to make all this money from it, when in reality, they don’t know JACK about video, they don’t know JACK about building, growing and maintaining an audience, they don’t know JACK about creating, advertising or moderating a social site… All they know is that “there’s gold in them thar hills”! 😀Get them a pan.”Bill Cammack in Yahoo VideoBlogging Group

I couldn’t have said it better myself….  Think of your video as a representation of your “product” which is you, your services, your knowledge, or properties that you are helping to sell. If you real estate video provider isn’t driving views for your product, then what is their value even if their price is “free”?  Isnt the value of a real estate video measured by the suitability of the audience that sees it?  Shouldn’t it be?

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