Passion, Real Estate Videos, and Luxury Property

February 17, 2008

Three unlikely bedfellows meet with luxury real estate marketing. Passion, real estate video, and luxury properties each can be developed separately but are particularly powerful when combined.  Some unfiltered thoughts about this unlikely mix and how they can converge successfully with real estate video.

– Almost all properties have something of value to them: the decorating, the story, the architecture, the space or coziness, the neighborhood. Those that say that real estate video should focus only on the story are missing the aesthetic value that video can bring to the table.

– I love how there is some element of creative danger in how any given property can be presented on video. It’s the same danger that an artist has when facing a clean canvas with a palette full of colors. There are so many ways to start and to finish. There is almost no such creative danger with most photo based virtual tours; a window is open here for the talented and passionate with a video camera.

– I love when real estate video evokes visual feeling with a mix of architecture and environment.  This can often be as simple as the reflection of clouds against glass, shadows juxtaposed with texture, or the lit silhouette of a home against a fading sky.  These are the types of feelings that we’ll be working to capture with our luxury productions.

– I love to see real estate videographers that don’t think of property tours as work or as a business.  It’s more than just owning high end equipment; you hear the excitement in their voice and see the brightness in their eyes that tells me that this is a craft, a production, an art for them. Art can meet effectiveness when edited correctly. If you are a real estate videographer, shelve the technical aspects of real video for a few minutes and tell me your passions and what makes you feel differently.

– I love when videographers and editors use the same tools as mere mortals do and make something so much more very special. Did they use the same viewfinder as I did? Knowledge about what makes architecture special is a under-appreciated prerequisite to making luxury property videos.  Are you sure that you really want to just search for the nearest videographers in the area to film your higher end property listing?

– I love when one makes the choice to focus on one sensory experience. My thinking is that, if filmed correctly, perhaps even music can sometimes get in the way of the property. Why isnt planned silence used more as an artistic technique in property videos?

– I love watching bad real estate video and thinking of ways that we could improve on presenting that specific property.

Our luxury real estate package will be distinctive from anything else currently on the market and with a price point sufficient to get all of the details just right.  We’ll be matching a completely different type of customer with some of the best and most experienced videographers in the world. The luxury mandate is clear – real estate videos that sell properties while evoking emotion with a production that people will love.  If you crave a multi-sensory experience for prospective buyers of your property, call us.

With one exception, I wont be blogging any more about our luxury real estate video packages other thatn to let you know when new ones come available.  Our work in the form of delivered luxury property videos will have to speak on our behalf from here on.

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  1. I am interested in starting up a RE Video company and need some info regarding how to find a good web designer, what type of equipment to purchase (or lease) and how to get exposure into the RE Brokers.

    Are there specific web sites for this, any conventions? etc?

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