Video Views: A Measurement of Correct Content In Front Of Interested Buyers

February 23, 2008

Video views have always been important but in terms of quantity and quality.  Our strategy has translated into a technical delivery and syndication platform focused on getting the right contextually correct rich media content to real estate listings portals looking for that same content.  In short, by taking care of quality, the quantity of views will take care of itself.

Most videos in our system get thousands of video views while property videos on Youtube get dozens over specified time period. In a vacuum, video views are an empty metric. What is important are the conversions of views to leads and ultimately to sales – our best example is the property that received 1000 video views within days. The property was sold within 30 days to an international buyer that became interested as a result of our video. We have plenty of other similar success stories. 

In short, there is no magic around driving a high mix of prospective buyers to property videos. It isnt about whether listing portals use feeds or use of specific sites like Craigslist.  Much like blogging, a lot of the secret is in developing property videos with a consistent level of quality and with an approach that makes people want to return to watch more.  Another part is aligning your goals to the goals of the content producers. 

Vidlisting.com is in a unique position to drive change because we own our vertical (production, editing, hosting, sydication). The YouTubes, Wellcomemats, and most other similarly focused “me too” real estate video infrastructure sites of the world do not own their verticals and thus offer a potentially wide ranging set of production capabilities and end results.  Our videographers regardless of worldwide location follow strict production guidance and (since we control our vertical) are paid based on their adherence to that guidance. If they exceed the guidance, we pay them a bonus. This means that customers (and equally importantly, distribution partners such as listings portals) get a much more consistent and predictable quality level of video delivered to them.

On the alignment of goals, we’ve gone so far as to offer a performance oriented pricing package where we only get paid when videos get watched.  We’ve managed to cost shift from production to marketing with such an approach and therefore are far more aligned with our customers’ goals – consistently getting viable leads to sell a given property. 

Are we perfect with our approach?  No.  Have we or our videographers made our share of mistakes?  Certainly. However, as we refine our production and video distribution process and improve our context matching, we are finding that our video views are naturally rising as a result.   There is no rocket science…just hard work.  The best way to measure the level of hard work that your provider is giving you is by the results that you are getting.

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