A-List Bloggers To Corporate Platforms: Loss of Objectivity Or Just A Natural Transformation?

February 25, 2008

Is the aggregation of A List real estate bloggers within corporate blogs signaling a shift in real estate blogging? The trend of Rudy to Trulia and a number of well known real estate bloggers to Homegain may be a benign move with every intent of simply giving well known bloggers a different platform.  As a vendor and real estate investor, I consider myself to be part of the re.net and enjoy reading the perspectives of other bloggers.

However, I’m not sure that I can help but feel that many of these messages behind these well known bloggers will begin to feel more corporate in nature.   There isnt anything inherently wrong with a corporate blog or a corporate focused message on a blog. I have one.  But blogging through a corporate filter is limiting in many ways  due to my readers naturally understand that I have a bias.  That bias is fine when I write about my own product or write about a specific technology. However, writing a legitimately negative post about a competitor would come across as “bad cricket” even if the post is written objectively. 

There are a number of A List real estate bloggers.  Most write from a position of objectivity. In some ways, this objectivity will can possibly be lost for those that do when viewed through the lens of corporate blog. Let’s see how this new trend plays out.


  1. I don’t know Tony – people like Rudy have gained our trust. Although he does have Trulia behind him….his objectivity will remain. As for all the corporate stuff that will exist behind the blog…..we have the choice of ignoring it.

    I can speak for myself when I say that I am reading the Trulia blog now where I never did before. Great move for them.

  2. Good point, Ines. There are certainly cases where I have little concern and am simply noting the trend. However, if the trend continues, there will likely be people who change as a result.

    As always, thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  3. Interesting observation Tony. So far Louis at Homegain has been very receptive to all ideas from his guest bloggers (well, at least from me, I assume the others also).

    Speaking only for myself, the second HG goes “all corporate” on me is the second I walk away.

    I don’t think I “think corporate” when I post to HomeGain (a grand total of once, but more are in the pipeline). But you can bet I’ll sure be on the lookout. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Jay

    Great comment as always. I have few if any worries about this first crop of bloggers writing for corporate blogs. It’s the trend that interests me, if it expands, what the next crop will look like and blog about and how corporations will approach this trend in the future.

    You’ve demonstrated your character and integrity on multiple occasions. The blogging community has nothing to worry about with you. 🙂


  5. Hi Tony!

    I understand your concerns. However, I’m happy to report that I’m still me 🙂 No loss of objectivity here. It’s really great having the support of the whole team behind me.

    Since blogging is just one of the many things I do at Trulia, I think it’s important to note how essential it is to be objective and open to a variety of ideas and opinions. It’s all about building relationships and having meaningful conversations.

    As far a trend goes, changes happen in all industries. It’s a good thing. Let’s not forget that there are already plenty of, as you refer to, “corporate” bloggers out there. These are the people behind the companies they either own or work for. In most instances, they are thought leaders who have joined the conversation to add value. I’m a people person who cherishes my relationships. So whether you’re corporate or independent, it’s all good to me.

    Everyone’s Voice Counts!

    Stay well Tony.


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