Getting Our Marketing, Branding, and Messages Aligned

February 29, 2008

After months of focus on getting our online web video delivery platform finished, we’ve finally begun to turn our attention to our branding and marketing efforts. We have a good problem in most respects – too much functionality and capability.  We have explanations on a variety of blogs, wikis, and web sites.  It’s time to start reigning in some of this information into a coherent message.

Here’s how we’ll organize our messages and align our web properties moving forward:

Vidlisting.com – the vidlisting website is our flagship English language online web real estate video listing site. If you need professional real estate video services of any kind, then vidlisting.com will be the place for you. One big change is that real estate video blog topics, progress, and statistics in English will no longer appear on the ForSaleByLocals blog. The new blog will be commercial in nature and very specific to Vidlisting.com property videos/professional services. We’ll be moving our corporate description off of InmanWiki and integrating the information into our Vidlisting website. As part of our consistency effort in branding, we’ve also moved our online web real estate video upload functionality to a vidlisting-branded web property.

RealEstateVideo.net – the realestatevideo.net website will become our real estate video center for information and training. If it has to do with real estate video information, training, or television, we’ll cover it over on that site. You’ll see an expansion of information on this site to help content producers and others just starting out with video to make the most of their equipment and stay current about real estate video.  We’ll also provide commentary on the industry and invite various real estate professionals to provide articles.

ForSaleByLocals.com – We still have a lot of remaining work to do on the FSBL site.  The FSBL site and this blog that you are reading will become the technical information site for our video delivery platform and organizational video content management functionality. The topics will be informational and geared towards technical people or organizations looking for ways to integrate video into their business planning. Our plan is to pull the ForSaleByLocals blog away from a purely real estate focus in order to focus on enterprise aspects of our video delivery and content management platform technology. 

CasaComprar.com – This spanish language real estate website and corresponding blog will provide general information in Spanish about real estate in Latin America, the United States, and Europe

BienesRaicesVideo.com – Will remain our flagship online web real estate video listing site in Spanish along with InmuebleVideo.com. Our spanish language real estate video upload capability has also been moved to a bienesraicesvideo.com branded property.

Imovei.com – Our real estate website in Portuguese and corresponding blog will remain our channel of communication about real estate topics to our Portuguese speaking audiences in the United States, Brazil, Europe, and Africa.

ImoveisVideo.com – This site will remain our flagship real estate video listing site in Portuguese along with transforming EmVenda.com into a more general sales website in Portuguese. Our portuguese language real estate video upload capability has also been moved to an imoveisvideo.com branded property.

Many of these changes came as the result of feedback from avid readers of our blog. Many people said that they get the message of our blog or why we had information spread over various platforms and wikis. We paid close attention to the groupings of readers on our site and decided to move forward with our branding consolidation.

We’ll keep you updated.

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