New Social Network Functionality: Making Videos Social In A Way That Builds Your Business

March 10, 2008

Video has just not been social on the web.  We’d be kidding ourselves to think that functionality built into flash video players to share with others is an efficient way to..umm..actually share videos with more than just a few people. 

What’s Been Missing To Make Video Social

Files are large and cannot be passed around as simply as photos. Since only links and widgets are “social”, video has long had a dependency on email and “channels”.  Do you even have to think in order to place an image in a blog post? As technologists, there is an expectation that users that don’t know how to cut and paste an image into a blog can easily do the same with a video.

Why The Facebook Clone Approach Likely Won’t Help Your Business

What is key to successful social media integration of video as a business strategy is that the right group people actually watch your video and contact you. The Facebook clone approach to making videos social isn’t designed to put your videos in the hands of the buyers (unless they just happen to be members of the facebook clone site) – the Facebook model of social media is to be a destination that keeps visitors on their site and generate pageviews for advertising purposes.  Flash video players don’t do that either….try using the “share” functionality on your favorite flash video player to send a video to 25 customers. 

A Different Approach To Making Video Social – Don’t Use Videos!

We think that we are ready to take a swing at making videos more social. We’ve come up with the idea of a social or personal media catalog which holds viewable representations of videos instead of the media itself. You can share these iconic representations of videos among friends or customizable groups of friends, customers, buyers, or co-workers (“push” approach).  We wanted to build a tool that would make the distribution and sharing of videos drop-dead simple and with a limit of three mouse clicks or less. You can also receive video media with as little as one mouse click and configure content availability.  Additionally, you can include your favorite youtube videos or real estate shows without any further uploading.

Widgets Mean “Social” To A Lot Of Users

Like widgets? You can instantly make individual or group widgets of your own uploaded content, content that has been shared with you, parter provided videos, real estate shows, and/or youtube videos.  You can even mix various types of video content together if you like.  Widgets can also be branded specifically for your organization.

Advantages To Our Approach

We dont think that “social” should be limited to a destination oriented strategy.  We’ve written the functionality in such a way that it doesnt need to be on vidlisting.com – it can be quickly implemented on any website or blog network. 

The advantages of our approach are as follows:

Easy aggregation of personalized video content: Users interested in distributing video content can easily aggregate personalized content from a variety of sources. We are constantly looking to ways to make the distribution process easier. We think that we are at three mouse clicks or less for completing any specific task within the catalog. All representations of video content are viewable with one click.

– Add a social element of video discoverability: The social functionality that we’ve built lets you define your own groups of interested viewers for video content even if you aren’t on the first few pages of search engine results.  External and partner content can be included in your catalog reducing limitations of video sharing.

– Make videos insertable into WordPress blogs with two clicks: We’ve written a wordpress plugin that will make the contents of your personal media catalog (or any shared catalog to which you are authorized access) insertable directly into your blog post just like image file.  No HTML knowledge or cutting and pasting required.  The wordpress plugin will be available within a week or so and are willing to work with any other blogging platform provider to insert video like images.

Receive daily and monthly reports of effectiveness of video marketing (included in a premium service package): You’ll know how many impressions each widget has on a given web page, how many times that it has been clicked at that same site, where users are coming from that are clicking on your widget, and be able to compare widget placements in order to determine which are giving you the best results. 

Drive video viewers to your own site or blog (premium service): A premium level of widget service is available where the widget is branded for your organization and redirects the viewer to the organizations own website or blog.

– Make social media functionality available to organizations:  Branded video catalogs for organizations as well as shareable social media catalogs which make catalog content shareable among groups (such as within blog networks for instance) will be available shortly. 

Try It Yourself

You can try our personal media catalog social functionality without having to register, upload video, or anything else at http://www.vidlisting.com/beta/opencatalog.asp. We just released the functionality and are looking for any and all feedback.

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