How To Add YouTube Videos To Any FSBL Personal Media Catalog

March 23, 2008

Adding existing YouTube videos and Real Estate Shows to any media catalog available on the FSBL platform takes just a few seconds and is exceptionally easy. We’ll cover adding YouTube videos in this blog post and we’ve previously discussed adding Real Estate Shows on our real estate video blog.

How To Add YouTube(r) Videos

The first step is to to create a new personal media catalog or open an existing one. Among the top row of buttons, you’ll find on that appears as follows:

Once you’ve clicked the above button in your personal media catalog, you should have the youtube video URL handy for the next step.  You’ll be redirected to a short and simple form as follows:

There are only two required entries on this form: the full link to the YouTube URL and the language of the video. All other fields are optional.  If you do not add a photo, a default image will be provided. You also can add two lines of 18 character titles and text of up to 36 characters that will appear on your video icons.  If you dont add these optional items at this step, you’ll be able to add them later by selecting the icon in your catalog and clicking the “modify” button.

Once you click the send button, a representation of the the YouTube video will appear in your media catalog as you see below.

That’s it. You now have a playable and shareable representation of YouTube videos that you can send to social contacts as well as build custom widgets. We’ll cover much more in future blog posts.

If you are a video content provider and/or have your own media player, contact us to join us as a FSBL infrastructure partner and have your content available to others via the FSBL media platform.



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