Sneak Preview of The ForSaleByLocals Video WordPress Plugin

March 23, 2008

We’ll be ready to release the ForSaleByLocals Video wordpress plugin within the next day or so. I’ve been explaining it to more than a few people and now we are ready to give you a sneak peek of how easy it is. There is also a video link below to a quick 30 second video that demonstrates the functionality better than words.

Objective of the Plugin

The objective of the wordpress plugin is to allow you to insert any video produced by the ForSaleByLocals conversion platform, YouTube video, and/or Real Estate Shows into a wordpress blog post just as easily as you can insert an image. Users wont have to struggle with finding the correct embed code or dealing with HTML at all.

How Does It Work?

The plugin is integrated with the ForSaleByLocals personal media catalog functionality that is already available (create your own catalog at http://vidlisting.com/beta/opencatalog.asp if you dont already have one).  The media catalog stores personalized representations of Youtube videos, Real Estate Shows, and videos uploaded or shared via any of our partner video websites such as http://vidlisting.com or http://bienesraicesvideo.com.  Basically, if it is showing in your catalog, it will be viewable via the plugin.

The plugin adds an extra button to your WordPress blog interface as follows:

When you click the button, you’ll see a representation of all of the videos that are in your personal media catalog. The photos and titles that show are completely configurable from within the catalog as they are taken from the catalog video icons themselves.  You simply click the video that you desire to insert and the video then is included in your wordpress blog post.  It really could not get much easier.  The below image is clickable as a few second video of how in works in real time and taken from an actual personal media catalog.

Click To Watch A Short Clip Of How The Video Plugin Works


We’ve talked at great length about discoverability of online videos and how to make them more shareable. This is one of the next big steps forward that we’ll use to drive these concepts forward to expand our already viable business model. More on that in later posts.  The next logical direction is to make personal media catalogs shareable with the plugin so that others can just as easily insert videos that you’ve chosen to make discoverable and shareable into their own blog posts without having to cut and paste at all.

We expect to have the first version of ForSaleByLocals wordpress video plugin within the next day or so as we finish the final test cases.  We have lots more functionality coming that will be integrated with our personal media catalogs.  Unlike others in our space, we aren’t just copying what’s hot today. Stay tuned…



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