How To Configure Your ForSaleByLocals Multimedia WordPress Plugin

March 30, 2008

The ForSaleByLocals Multimedia Plugin allows you to insert videos and other media into wordpress blogs just as easily as inserting images and without any cutting and pasting of HTML. You’ll be able to select from media uploaded to any ForSaleByLocals Personal Media Catalog as well as include Youtube videos and Real Estate Shows.

Configuring the ForSaleByLocals video and media wordpress plugin is quick and easy once you have downloaded and correctly installed all of the files.

Preparing For Configuration

Before configuring the wordpress plugin, you’ll need to have the Catalog ID of your Personal Media Catalog in order to let the plugin know which content to show.  The catalog ID is right in the URL of your catalog after the characters, “d=”.  In almost all cases, it will be a string of random numbers and letters.  Using your mouse, select and copy everything after the “=” until you either reach the # character OR reach the end of the string if there is a # character. The # character if it is present should not be included.

Now, we are ready to configure the plugin.

Configuring The Plugin

– Click the new entry, “Catalog Options”, on the Options submenu of the WordPress admin menu that was created by the plugin.

– Paste the Catalog ID into the field entitled “Package ID” or “Catalog ID” (depends on your version)

– type in the password for your Personal Media Catalog

– Select the language (if applicable) in which you’d prefer system messages. Again, this depends on the version of the plugin and, if available, the choices are currently English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

– Click the “update options” button in the lower right hand corner of the form.

Your ForSaleByLocals Multimedia Plugin is now configured and ready for use.


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