First Commercial Example Of Our Contextual Developer API For Video

April 8, 2008

(A less technical discussion is availabe over on our real estate video blog)

We’ve still have a long way to go with the developer API – it is neither complete nor “customer ready”. However, we decided to front load some parts of the programming interface and put together a live commercial example.  The live working example demonstrates some of the types of things that developers will be able to do with our upcoming developer API for video that ties directly into the ForSaleByLocals multimedia platform as well as give us a chance to identify and fix issues. 

Here is a sneak peek at some of the capabilities of the programming interfaces:

Context Sensitive Content Aggregation: We’ve been wrapping certain contextual data around multimedia content for some time now.  This has been limited to aggregating content by language and geolocation (including latitude and longitude in order to span political boundaries). Now, we are able to define additional contexts and use our fledgling developer API to access only content that matches the desired context.

Organization of Content:  Once the right content is retrieved, we are working on being able to use the API to organize related bits of content into “interfacelets” which then can be included like a widget into pages.  We still have a lot of work to do here.

We now have a live commercial example of the ability of the ForSaleByLocals multimedia and video engine to serve up contextual content. The real estate site vidlisting.com is using the developer API to highlight various videos for a huge real estate show in Spain, SIMA 2008. They are using the language and context capabilities to deliver and organize SIMA related video content on a special page (http://vidlisting.com/sima2008/indexsima.asp) which is also going to be their home page during the days of the event – 8 through 12 April 2008. 

We’ll continue to discuss how context can help make content networks more social and effective withi a business context.

Let us know what you think…



  1. Very cool! I Greatly look forward to more info on this.

  2. thanks! its live now in english and will be live in spanish and portuguese by end of day today.


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