Shared Media Catalogs: The Easy Way To Build Your Business With Video

April 18, 2008

What Are Shared Media Catalogs?

Shared media catalogs are a way for video content producers to allow people to view video and other media content as if it were their own as well as build widgets and video bars for inclusion in their own blogs/websites.

Here is a short video that shows just how easy it is to add two shared catalogs (one has mixed content from YouTube, Vidlisting, and Real Estate Shows) to a user’s personal media catalog and then build a video bar widget with content from *both* shared catalogs.  It is in real time and takes only a few seconds.  The video bar widget that you see at the end is a live widget with embed code below.

Only content that has been explicitly “shared” by you will be viewable by those that want to consume your content.  There are two types of shareable catalogs – Public and Permissive. Public catalogs are open to everyone that subscribes (explained below) but Permissive catalogs require the catalog owner’s approval to view shared content.

The catalogs currently work with Real Estate Shows, Youtube videos, and any content uploaded to any of the ForSaleByLocals video platform providers. Our implementation marks a disruptive new level of progress in the way that video and virtual tour widgets are created and manipulated in the multimedia space.

Why Are Shared Media Catalogs Important?

Shared media catalogs allow your customers, friends, and just interested parties “pull” your content to see what you have selected to let them see rather than “pushing” content to them.

Video channels have been historically been parking spaces for video content. The only way content could leave the channel is for the user to either have enough HTML knowledge to cut and paste the embed code and have a website (or blog) where they could put the content or paste in emails every time that they want to share the content.

Things are much easier with Media Catalogs. Content in the form of video podcasts, property videos, real estate shows, video interviews, agent introduction videos, spots or just about any type of video content now no longer requires technical skills to distribute, syndicate, or simply just get to other people.  Neither you nor your customers, friends, acquaintances need to worry about readers, feeds, RSS, or anything technical. The content does not even need to be in the same video or mltimedia platform – the video can also be stored in Youtube or can be stored as a virtual tour over at Real Estate Shows. Everything is visual and accessible within 3-4 mouse clicks. It is the easiest way to make video and other multimedia content accessible to those with interest in your product or service.

Your content will shortly be exportable in many more ways without having to know HTML. Soon to be released version 1.0 of our WordPress plugin will let you to directly insert media content from shared catalogs into hosted wordpress blogs. Additionally, a developer application programming interface (API) into our platform will let programmers easily build custom web applications using media catalog as virtual web storage for multimedia. Lots of exciting things are coming.

You can see a detailed how-to over on the Vidlisting real estate video blog.

How Can I Get My Own Shared Media Catalog?

Anyone can consume an available public catalog without permission and permissive catalogs with the owner’s approval. Sharing your own media catalog is normally a paid level of functionality. You must first open your own media catalog and then upgrade your membership to do so.

We are however inviting selected media content providers the opportunity to offer their own content during the shared catalog beta period (approx. the next 30 days). Participation in the beta means that you’ll have a year’s free use of the functionality if approved. Please contact me at sales@forsalebylocals.com to request participation.

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