Video And Twitter Based Help For New Personal Media Catalog Users

May 4, 2008

We’ve added a bunch of new features to help new users begin to use the full power of their personal media catalogs as quickly as possible after registering or logging in at http://catalog.vidlisting.com

Video Help

Video Help is a small application within  the personal media catalog that displays a tiny question mark icon for different types of functionality. The icons link to short videos that explain how to use the given functionality. The icons are unobtrusive, dont block or change any functionality , and members can turn them off/on with a single click (as shown below).

We are adding video content for the help videos as quickly as possible.  We will also have a publically shared catalog where you’ll be to subscribe to all of the help videos from within your own catalog.  Look for “Vidlisting Support Videos” within the Browse Available Shared and Public Catalogs menu. Video help is live now and is “on” by default for new member registrations.

Twitter Based Help

We debated having a user id on Twitter for support and information about Personal Media Catalogs as we have a socaial messaging component which will be added within the week or two and available to all members.  We decided that we should do it and so now you can follow @VideoHelp on twitter to get news/updates as well as have any support or other questions answered via Twitter.




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