More Countries Added To Aid In Geolocation of Members And Videos

May 19, 2008

We’ve een busy adding detailed geolocation data to our growing database.  This lets members geolocate themselves and their uploaded media (including Real Estate Shows and YouTube videos).

There are now geodata for 79 83 total countries live at http://catalog.vidlisting.com.  We welcome any new members from the following countries (or those that have media from these countries):

– Burkina Faso
– Gabon
– Gambia
– Georgia
– Germany
– Ghana
– Gibralter
– Grenada
– Greece
– Greenland
– Marshall Islands
– Palau
– Papua New Guinea
– Philippines
– Qatar
– Romania
– Sao Tome and Principe
– Russia
– Rwanda
– Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
– Seychelles
– South Africa
– Senegal
– St Kitts ad Nevis
– Tanzania
– Togo
– Tonga
– Tunisa
– Turkey
– Turkmenistan
– Tuvalu
– Uganda
– Ukraine
– Uzbekistan
– Venezuela

More coming soon….

20 May UPDATE: Added 4 more countries last night (British Virgin Islands, Slovenia, Trinidad and Tobago, and Vietnam)

We’ll be adding China and India later this week.

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