Messaging Now Added To Personal Media Catalogs

May 23, 2008

We’ve added messaging to the ForSaleByLocals personal media catalogs.  Think twitter with a real collaborative twist. All friction genarated by sending videos has now been removed…

Here are some of the features that make it far better for video use than any other social network messaging system:

Sharing Videos Is Drop Dead Simple: You can add any youtube video, uploaded video, or Real Estate Show virtual tour from your catalog into your message with just a double click. 

– People Can Communicate With The Person That Uploaded The Video: Even if your video has been shared thousands of times, when someone want to converse about your video, the message comes to you f you were the person that first added or uploaded the video.

Public and Private Messages Shown Inline: Private messages are shown inline only to you in the public conversation window. You can reply in the same window and the conversation remains private. You can make messages public/private with the click of a radio button and a double click of your friend’s icon

– Friends Can Download Publically Attached Videos:  If you attach a video to a message and the message is public, any of your friends can see it and move it to their catalogs and build widgets or further share them. 

– Virtual Folders Can Be Sent Messages Too: Virtual folders (explained below in my previous group mail) for collaboration can also be sent as attachment in either public or private messages. Only the addressee can download the virtual folder even if the message is public.

Lots more features and we are always looking for feedback…we’ll be adding support for office files and PDFs next week.

Link: http://catalog.vidlisting.com


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