Added Profile Videos and Filterable/Sortable Member Directory

June 1, 2008

We’ve added two key pieces of functionality to the ForSaleByLocals social networking platform.  Both are related to helping other members find and contract with you more easily.

Profile Videos: We’ve added video support to the profile.  It is extremely simple to use – you have the choice of marking any video in your catalog workspace as your profile video OR you can quickly upload a video via a condensed five field online form.  The video is played in the same area as your profile text. By Monday, you’ll be able to choose a default view of profile text or video when a member first sees your profile. 

Filtering and Sorting The Member Directory: You can now filter and sort the Member Directory.  We had previously added pagination but had numerous requests to filter and sort. Now you can filter by member primary language and country as well as sort by name, country, or most recent activity. 

Filtering by country makes filling out your profile geolocation information even more important in order to be more easily found by other members. There is even an RSS feed generated for all filtering and sorting options by country (you must filter by country at a minimum for the RSS icon to appear – all other filtering and sorting are retained within this feed)

Next week, we’ll be making many elements of the profile and the workspace portable. Feel free to try out the new fuctionality at htp://catalog.vidlisting.com and stay tuned.

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