Adding Value To Video Widgets: Tracking, Sharing, and Captioning

June 11, 2008

Just like successful restaurants need to have a kitchen or food preparation area, we think that business social networks have been missing a workspace to prepare business materials for consumption by customers. We’ve added a bunch of value added functionality for businesses and organizations to video widgets via the widget workspace at http://social.vidlisting.com

Tracking Video Widgets: The key to successful online marketing is knowing how effective the placement By clicking on the “My Widgets” link, you’ll see basic statistics about each widget that you have created.  Most sites only give you overall stats such as number of views. We have gone a step further and provided an interface that shows you the overall number of views and then a page by page breakdown of each online location of the following:

– links to all pages where a given widget has been embedded and viewed at least once

– the number of times and the last time that the widget has been viewed on that page

– a subtotal of visitor clickthroughs to the video from that specific page as well as the datetime of the last clickthrough

This provides an opportunity to do a value analysis for placement of your widgets on one page versus another.  This will be particularly helpful for paid placements.

Here is what makes the interface particularly powerful: you’ll receive this information even when others paste the embed code for the video widget in a page that isnt known to you. So, now you have a way to know the complete scope of viral sharing of a given widget as well as the effectiveness of each widget by views and clicktroughs on a page-by-page-basis.

Re-Captioning Video Widgets To Attract Viewers To Your Video: We’ve always had a video widget caption as part of the link to a video but now have the capability to easily change caption at will. Each change only affects the particular widget – you can have different widgets that point to the same video and each can have a different caption aimed at different audiences.

Letting Others Grab Your Widget Code: We’ve been admittedly slow on adding a capability for others to cut and paste the embed code for widgets.  To be fair, our customized RAMB widgets have had a “Grab This Widget” link for several months.  However, we hadn’t added it to our widgets until our members had a way to know exactly where their widgets have been embedded by others.


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