Upcoming Social Network Interface Changes

June 18, 2008

Wow..smetimes it’s possible to run so hard that you need to pause for a second and relook at where you are.  Yesterday, we received some really hard feedback that caused us to pause as a team – we got first and second hand feedback from people that we really respect saying that our social networking interface wasn’t simple and intuitive enough.

They didnt “get it” – a statement so strong that we stopped and listened.

Hard feedback can often feel like a punch in the gut and it’s easy to be defensive. Even though the easy thing to say is that we are blazing new ground without anyone to copy and its going to be a naturally iterive process , we gathered as a team and had a free-flowing brainstorm session.  The result was almost two pages of notes and suggestions for improvement…this from our own team.  We also spent hours reviewing how members are initially using the system which only confirmed the feedback that we received.

Last night, we put together a plan that we’ll execute on over the next few days. We hope to have the interface changes done by next Monday. If you are a current user, let us know what you dont understand or what we can do better by writing me directly at tony@forsalebylocals.com.

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