New Social Networking Interface In Place

June 23, 2008

We’ve made a bunch of changes at http://social.vidlisting.com in response to user feedback.  Here is a quick overview of the changes:

Changes In Concept

Removed The Idea of Public/Permissive/Private At The Workspace Level: This likely confused members far more than it helped.  We’ve changed to a more straightforward model – if you are at the free level, everything is private. If you are one of the paid level or in the complimentary upgrade period, everything is available to be shared by dragging and dropping the Share tool on top of any icon. 

Members at the premium or corporate level will still be able to mark folders as private, permissive, or public.

Moved Widget Construction Out Of The Workspace Area:  The area where you can select media to mash into widgets is now a separate area from the workspace.  Having the two combined made a lot of sense when the workspace was all about widget construction but we’ve added so much other functionality that it simply didnt make sense anymore.  Fewer buttons in the workspace also means less confusion.

Selecting media to include in widget is a simple double click now. This change also tees up the ability to modify content on existing videobar widgets through either doubleclicks or drags/drops. The ability to modify existing videobar widgets should be out of testing later this week.

Adding Office/PDFs: We are preparing for the introduction of office/PDFs docs into the workspace in the next few days.

Interface Changes

More Intuitive Grouping of Icons: There is now a much clearer menu of system level links along with a separate submenu of page level tools. 

For instance, the workspace submenu for icons and folders is co-located together (no more buttons along the bottom of the page) and the widget page has a separate submenu of widget oriented functions that are co-located.

– Better Placement Of Media Properties Link: We’ve moved the link to view/modify the properties and distribution of the media icon to the icon itself.  You’ll now see a red circled “i” on eack icon that links to the properties page for that respective icon.

Quick Summary: This summary of member level, friends, messages, and pending items has been added in the upper right hand corner where we previously had a few system level buttons.

Better Descriptions and Icons: The icons and descriptions for functional are a lot clearer.

Consolidation of Tabs: We consolidated the “who is online”, friends, and friend groups tab into one tab. We realized that people may be thinking of groups of friends in the Facebook sense rather than building customized cliques of friends to interact with in one click.  We also removed many of the references to videos and changed the title of the tabbed area to “Interactivity Menu”

Sometimes, the dev process is a bit more iterative than planned particularly when blazing new ground. The Spanish language interface on our other sites will be updated over the next day as well.

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