Upcoming Release: More Online Functionality To Help You Sell Your Property And Services

August 17, 2008

We have a new release of functionality in the next few days that adds much of functionality that you have been asking for.  Some of the functionality is specific to the social network at http://social.vidlisting.com and some will be available as part of the regular upload process.

New Functionality As Part Of The Video Upload:  Many of you have asked for a specific capability that you’ve seen on certain websites. Perhaps we are wrong but as far as we can tell, Youtube and the other major video upload websites dont offer it, but it’s one of the most requested features that we get.  We’ll have the feature available as part of the video upload process with this new release next week.

Adding More Tools That Allow Interaction With Customers Outside of The Social Network: We continue to add tools that allow members of the social network to successfully interact outside the social network. 

Personalizing How You Look Within The Social Network: We’ve added a bunch of administrative functionality to the social network so you can do things like automatically resize and choose how you want to crop your photos. If you dont want to upload your photo, we’ve expanded the choices of default images that you’ll be able to choose from.

Putting The “Organization” in Organizational Features: Organizations are our lifeblood. There are few, if any, other videos that are providing organization specific features for you.  We’ve added more in this release.

We are really excited about the gains that we have made with the real estate social network over the past few months.  Join the hundreds of others that are changing the way that real estate is being done on the web.

We’ll have more specific details once we release.

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