First Version Of Our Multimedia Social Network API To Release This Week

August 19, 2008

We’ll have the first customer ready application programming interfaces (or APIs) for our social network later this week just in time for our new release. If you have used the social network at http://social.vidlisting.com, you know that you can do things like organize content into folders, or give permissions to other users/cliques for specific content or groups of content.

This means that you’ll be able to either build rich multimedia applications or website functionality using the social network as your content management tool.  To be clear, the API set will only be available to Corporate level members but will provide a growing set of features that we hope will be seen as a value add. We’ll keep it really simple at first – just two simple but useful interfaces.

Manage Content Hierachically – Folders are a collection of items organized into personalized hierarchical groupings. Therefore, the first API will represent the simple sub-collections within these groupings. 

In simple terms, the API will provide a feed of all content within any named folder in your workspace regardless of the source or type of that content (Vidlisting video, Real Estate Shows, Youtube Video, PDF, Office document, or link). This means that you or your web developer can make any of this type of content appear or disappear on your website by simply using the social network to drag and drop the content out of a social network folder.  It’s about the easiest way that we can think of for a non-technical person to manage content on their website.

You’ll also be able to choose if everyone with whom you have shared a virtual folder will also get an API key regardless of their member level. Even free members therefore will be able to put your content on their websites if you allow them to.

Convert Video Content: For me, this is the really exciting of the two APIs that we are releasing. Corporate members will be able to place video content on any internet accessible server to which they have authorized access and via the API be able to convert it into a variety of formats simultaneously using the ForSaleByLocals conversion cluster, and then place the converted content on the same server or any other internet accessible server to which they have authorized access. 

In short, you can move a video file into a directory on one of your own servers and then send a simple API command to one of our servers to process the file into multiple file formats, and finally send the converted file(s) back to that server or any other server (production server, file server, customer server, etc.)

In short, by making use of this second API, the Corporate level user will be able to outsource only the conversion capabilities of our conversion cluster and maintain 100% control of their own media within an entirely automated process. We think that this may well revolutionize how organizations view how they use and process video content by third party providers.

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