Making The Video Platform More Contextually Aware

August 21, 2008

We are finally bringing together several projects and working to integrate them on the video player in an attempt to make the platform more contextualy “aware”.  If you are selling a property online,  most sites only provide an experience online bulletin board.  The “platform”, in most cases, only provides the information you have uploaded, written, or otherwise provided and the presentation is often limited to the specific website format and branding.

Here what we want to do that’s different.  When you upload a video, the platform should know who you are, and where you are.  The key part is that it should be able to provide value based on that information beyond what you have provided. Once the platform knows about you, it can provide your marketing materials to targeted audiences whether on our site, your site, or other partner sites.

Example link: Charlottesville, Virginia Real Estate Video (from a member of the Vidlisting Social Network)

A visual and tangible example of this thinking is our newly released video player interface:

So, we in the case above, we have a screenshot of the vidlisting video player page (although you’ll see over the two weeks that you’ll be able to configure players with these and more options on your own custom players). The views and duration data as well as the replay video functionality has been available for some time so I wont cover them here. The language context has been long been a part of our site as well. Other than that, let’s work our way down from the top.

Contact Icon: The ability to communicate with prospective buyers in real time is important so we’ll built a set of APIs into our messenging platform that can be easily added to any icons, widgets, or interfaces that we build or frankly that you build.  The value add of the video platform  is that the message icon always points to you (no matter how many people may share your content) but also is always related to a specific video or other content.  Therefore, you have actionable information that lets you know what content is generating leads online.

Configuration is easy. You can choose to have the initial contact as a form or free text.  We know that you dont like spam,  so by default, the icon is configured for the more restrictive form.

Get Widget Code: We are now internally providing the widget data  via API for this video on the player as well as on the widget. The widget is auto-configured each time it is drawn and so the configuration code never changes even after it has been placed on a site.  You’ll have the flexibility to configure all sorts  of things about the widget (like title, color, design, where the video plays, etc.) even after the widget has been placed “in the wild”.

View My Public Profile: My sites have a link to a publically accessible profile.  We are different in that the platform is aware of social network configuration choices for those that are members.  Members can choose any of the following choices:

– Show the default public profile generated via an API from the social network (this will soon be available to you or your website developer for use in building your own website profile).

– place a widgetized version of our public profile on your website and have the platform redirect to that profile

– Redirect to any existing online profile of yours

“Learn More About” Link: This link integrates much of the geolocation and hyperlocal work that we have been doing over the last year.  In short, this link auto-configures based on the geolocation information provided from the video.  You read that correctly…the link is custom generated based on the location of the content not just the agent or owner. 

The destination page from this link is filled with dynamically generated data that we collect from the surrounding area based on latitude and longitude rather than just the specified town name. This provides much more for you as a service provider and for the seller of a property than just the information that you provide on a web form.

Stay tuned….

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