Introducing The ForSaleByLocals Video Conversion Widget And API To Convert Video

August 24, 2008

Widget Conversion Overview

The conversion widget is a single line of portable HTML code which you can place on just about any website or blog. This particular widget converts video in real time and immediately sends the converted files to a pre-configured file transfer destination.  There are  two configurations for the widget: one that requires the user to input a password with each upload and one that does not require additional user authentication to upload video.  You can easily switch back and forth between the two widgets via the configuration control panel in the Vidlsiting social network.

The widget itself is simply a small form that allows you to upload directly to the ForSaleByLocals conversion cluster with conversion to be done according to the settings that you have preconfigured for that FTP configuration.  It can be placed anywhere..giving you a portable video conversion capability wherever you or your organization needs it.

Widget Version Without Password Or Design (choice of designs now available)

Widget Version With Password (choice of designs now available)

You can try out the widget today – it will be freely available for testing and use by members of the Vidlisting Social Network   over the coming weeks. (it can be found on the social network’s configuration control panel menu).  Please note that this functionality is complete and works fine. Monday, we will make the interface a bit prettier and provide some configuration options for the design.   The widget is fully tested for functionality and design.

How can you use the widget? Server administrators and content providers can use the widget from a password protected section of your organizational site to have video upload capability directly to your servers as a handy option.  Teams within an organization can have their own FTP locations and the content can be fed directly into your website.  Web developers now have a really easy way to put dedicated virtual video conversion capability on their customers’ websites.  The sky is the limit with the opportunities here.

Web Developer API Overview

Corporate level members of the Vidlisting Social Network will be the first group of users to have access to the new ForSaleByLocals Video Conversion API. You may be thinking that one major video upload site (Youtube) already has a API so why another?  The ForSaleByLocals Video Conversion API does a lot more things:

– Source Videos and Converted Video Files Are Moved From & To Your Own Server(s): By using the API, you simply need to place a video in any internet accessible server for which you have FTP credentials. You can preconfigure any number of FTP locations within the new FTP configuration interface within the social network.  Our system picks up your file(s), processes them, and places the converted files whenever you want them.

– More Conversion Choices: You’ll have your choice of video conversion formats including Flash SWF, Flash FLV, WMV, MP4 (ipod and iphone capable), Quicktime MOV and mobile 3GP (for use with cell phones).  You can even optionally override your conversion configurations using the API if needed for a certain project.

– Easy To Use:   The default API call only requires you to simply type a link with your API key, source configuration name, and destination configuration name. You (or your web developer) can just as easily incorporate the API into your website for internal use or for your users. There are no restrictions on usage during the time that you have a valid API key.

Designed For Organizations:   Some of you have told us that you’d prefer to maintain 100% control over your content.  This functionality basically gives access to our robust real time conversion capabilities. There is no requirement to have the converted files on our websites, servers for anything other than the conversion and transfer process.

We’ll release the customer ready API and documentation on Monday afternoon.

Preconfiguring Your FTP  Server(s)

The first step in using either the video conversion widget or the developer API is to pre-configure your FTP credentials and give the configuration a name.  If both a source and destination server are used, the default to be used is determined by the destination’s configuration.

Configuration Name:   This is the personalized name that you’d like to give this configuration when saved.  The name should be between 1 and 12 characters, not contain any special characters, and not have any spaces. Also, you can duplicate a name if it already exists. The name will appear in the list of saved FTP configurations when saved.

FTP IP:   This is simply the IP address of your server.

FTP User: The user name for the FTP Connection. Note that we highly recommend that you create a specific FTP user with access rights only to a specific directory while using this service.  Most hosting providers let you do this this the administrative control panel.  If you aren’t sure how, ask your provider or IT handy-person.

FTP Password: This is the password for the specific connection that will be established.

File Conversion Checkboxes:   This indicates the types of output files that you would like to convert your uploaded video to. It is only used when the configuration serves as a destination connection. The system will automatically convert to these types of formats when using the widget style interface and will default to these types when using the developer API if no override is specified. There is no need to include the file type of the uploaded file in this list. For instance if you upload in WMV, you won’t need to convert to WMV.

This is the first of a number of API and widget based capabilities that we plan to bring to organizations and web developers so that you can more take advantage of our real time conversion capabilities. More Coming. Stay Tuned….



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