How To Use The FSBL Video Conversion API

August 26, 2008

This article is fairly technical and describes how to use the first version of the FSBL Video Conversion API and the accompanying FSBL Video Conversion Followup API. There is no interface when using the video conversion API – if you are looking for an online video conversion tool that provides a customizable interface, try our Video Conversion Widget .

The Conversion API allows you to automate video conversions from any FTP location, convert the video content from a preconfigured default set of output formats or override that default for a custom conversion, and then send all of the converted video files to another FTP location. This provides web developers or website/blog owners a number of self hosting video conversion options and online business scenarios other than Youtube or Wellcomemat.

Your time is important. One thing that we have done to improve the speed of processing is to make the file conversion processing completely distributable across our entire cluster of conversion servers so large video files process in parallel. Files will be sent to any available open server for processing and yet the system will still know the status of your overall conversion request no matter how users are also processing files at the same time, how many files there are to be converted, or the number of conversions for each file. Any files that remain in the queue will be sent immediately to the next open server. The only exception is that paid users of any level will have first priority over users at the free level.

Update: After posting this article, we’ve since moved all of our API descriptions to a special area of the ForSaleByLocals site. You can more easily find the API overview to convert video to your own FTP site there.

Please email or call us with any questions or issues.

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