Potential Scenarios For Using The FSBL Video Conversion Widget

August 26, 2008

Now that we have announced a number of details surrounding the FSBL Video Conversion Widget , it likely makes sense to describe several scenarios where it might be helpful to you. Think of this functionality as being able to institutionalize video content. In short, it is useful for any organization or loosely federated groups of individuals to collect submitted video content in one place and in common format. We handle all of the hard part (codecs, conversions, etc.) and we even have an automated way to detect and reject non-video files that may be uploaded. 

Will not being tied to a given conversion platform change the way that your organization thinks about video?

Scenario #1 – Real Estate Associations, Brokers, or Agents Can Receive And Host Content From Members – Organizations that want to host their own video content but dont want to dedicate someone to convert videos by hand can add the video conversion widget to one of their password protected webpages for their members.  Members can then safely and easily upload converted files to their own branded web server for review or hosting.  The organization maintains complete control over the content and does need to worry about constant cutting/pasting of video files – the videos are automatically placed on the org’s web server.

The new custom color customization feature means that the widget can remain visually invisible to website visitors.

Scenario #2 – Agents Or Bloggers That Want A Common Way to Receive Hyperlocal Content From their Area:   (h/t to Jim Duncan ) Bloggers or agents can add a powerful capability to a webpage for local residents to add video content that be collected on a hyperlocal blog/website. 

Scenario #3 – Real Estate Video Pros That Want To Host Their Own Or Clients’ Content: This widget gives real estate video professionals another option to traditional video upload sites.  The FSBL conversion process is fast and completely automated (no waiting for up to three days like some of our competitors).  You’ll have the flexibility to convert in a number of formats beyond FLV, swf, and MP4. 

It’s also a great way for your customers to get their raw content directly to you for editing or edited content to you for hosting.  Our automated upload checker has already been in service for almost a year and ensures that only valid video files get processed and passed to your FTP server. 

Scenario #4 – Blogs or websites that want to provide video advertising as part of their advertising efforts: You can now give local business a way to provide their own video advertising in a format that does not require cutting and pasting.  We can even provide standardized or custom video sizes if needed as part of the conversion process.

You can try the widget until 5 September without any restriction by joining the real estate social network at http://social.vidlisting.com .  That means that members can send 6 concurrent conversions for a given file through that date – use and abuse us.  After 5 September, we’ll limit trial automated conversions to swf files.

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