Summarizing Real Estate Social Network Changes Over The Past Few Months

August 27, 2008

 While summarizing the changes over at the Real Estate Social Network for a friend who has not logged in for several months, I realized that the list might have broader applicability.  I’ve added the list here (names and links may have been changed to protect the guilty)


Here is just a small list of what we have done since you last logged in:
– completed an entire redesign of the site including moving the widget construction into its own area and adding instant drop down help
– integrated member and content data from the social network with a whole set of hyperlocal pages using our geolocation engine within the platform (83 countries now supported)
– added support for PDF files, MS Office files, and links
– now allowing any supported content type to be added onto widgets as supplementary content (think of a individual real estate show widget of a property that also has a PDF of the plat, an agent intro video from Youtube, a community video hosted on Vidlisting, and a word doc purchase and sale sample)
– allow hot swapping of widget titles, designs, and where you can play the video (redirected to a video page or having the video play within a widget)
– added a customizable photo cropping feature during photo upload or at will
– completely redesigned our player page to better integrate the public video platform with both the social network and hyperlocal pages ( Jim Duncan’s property video is the best live example – look at the icons on the side for his profile and geolocation page both autogenerated from the data in the social network)
– added the FTP configurations to control the automated video conversion widgets (the conversion widgets are actually built on top of the conversion API and are live)
– added the ability to quickly wrap geolocation data around data external to our database (we geolocated almost 200,000 loosely structured text items by lat/long in less than 30 minutes and added them to the hyperlocal pages including surrounding towns not listed by name withn the text)
– redesigned the public profile pages to be different from the internal member pages
– and lots more….
Here’s what we have on the near term horizon:
– Video Conversion API (releases today – found a bug that needed fixing yesterday)
– automatically adding motion video thumbnails as part of the upload process that play when mouseover’d (Thursday or Friday)
– we have to go back and do some interface work on the horizontal and vertical content bars (need to get them to the same ease of use as the individual widgets) 
– We’ll go back and clean up the widget reporting pages when they dont have live data to report; they show data generated during creation and configuration which we think confuses users
– Add an RSS feed to each hyperlocal page for all of the content on that page from desparate sources

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