A Few More Customer Requested Changes In APIs, Widgets, and Players

August 28, 2008

Video Conversion API: We’re wrapping up a few more changes on the still unreleased API after some user beta testing.  Our beta folks made it clear that they want to be able to return to the preliminary XML file that is initially generated if they need to do so in their apps using the API. Therefore, we took a late change and are redirecting to a separate link to generate the preliminary XML for users that want to regenerate the original XML again…well….without converting the files in the source directory multiple times.

Automated Conversion Widgets: These types of widgets have been live for a few days now.  The reception has been great and we are already involved in planning for a number of projects that will use the widget. So far, the two most requested additions to the widget are 1) a way to optionally configure a "Grab This Widget" link and 2) a smaller version of the widget that can fit in the sidebar section of a wordpress blog.  We heard your feedback and should be ready to release by tonight or tomorrow latest.

Video Player Widgets:   We’ve applied the feedback about smaller sidebar-sized widgets to our video player widget as well.  So, now, we have a sidebar sized video player that can redirect viewers to your own site or play the video right in the page where the widget is embedded.

Workaround For Embedded Widgets on WordPress.com Blogs: We have a ridiculously simple workaround for embedding our video widgets on wordpress.com blogs that we are planning on releasing wordpress.com blogs. The workaround will be available as part of conversios done as part of the standalone upload page and also as part of the real estate social network Since we support youtube video and real estate shows in our own widget format, you’ll be able to use the workaround for this content in the social network using our widget format as well.

Stay tuned.  More coming…


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