Data and More Data: How People Are Actually Finding Real Estate Content

September 8, 2008

We love data.  What becoming more interesting to us these days is how people are actually finding content posted anywhere on our system. We’ve been collecting data about real estate video views, how people behave on our site while watching real estate videos, and other stuff but we’ve had a big hole in our stats.  We know how we’d prefer that people find us (a majority of SEO work seems predicated of we prefer that people  find)…but what we dont yet have a good grasp of how visitors are actually finding content broadly across our own and partner sites.  We need a format that makes the initial process easier/faster/more efficient directly from the search engine result.

Better way to put it: we have certain sites that use specific search data on an individual video or page view basis but dont have an easy way to aggregate that data across all of our supported sites to turn that data into meaningful information. We made some system tweaks over the weekend and can already see that we are getting the results that we want in some areas but need work in a lot of other areas.

The result will hopefully be better visibility and actionable information generated around how people actually find platform content.  Stay tuned…

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