Fun With Folders: New Icons

September 11, 2008

We’re prepping for some new functionality with folders in the coming days so our in-house design team took up a challenge to make the folders in the real estate social network a bit more fun. We like folders in the sense that they reresent hierarchical organization. Of course, we’ve made them a lot more than just storage.

Here’s what they came up with:

new folder designs for the forsalebylocals social platform

From left to right:

Private folders: Unless you’ve made them available via API or virtual folders, only you can see the contents of these types of folders

– Permissive Folders: Only members that you have specifically given subscription access can see the contents of permissive folders.

– Public Folders: Open season on these types of folders; any one that wants access to the contents gets it.

– Virtual folders: These folders are collaborative in nature allowing you to send a virtual folder to another member, configure their permissions, and allow them to work within their permissions with the content contained within these types of folder as if they were their own.

Folders will soon be completely configurable by web developers using the ForSalebyLocals multimedia and marketing APIs.

As we wind down on this phase of development for the real estate video platform, the design team will be revisiting portions of the platform and social network to see where they can continue to make positive changes. Let us know what you think.

Stay tuned…


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