Using Clues From Search Engines To Present Contextually Relevant Real Estate Content

September 13, 2008

It only makes sense that visitors come to your site looking for something. It may be the first and only time that they visit your site and that “something” they are looking for may have been posted before but now resides on a different page or mixed in with other content that isnt necessarily relevant to what the average impatient usrs is willing to search through.

Additionally, all of us only have a fixed amount of real estate on our website’s home page. Imagine being able to filter from all of your content in order to be able to suggest content to that visitor. We’ve written before being able to change what the user sees with real estate content. In order to present the right things for the visitor to see, you have to be able to guess the contextual needs of the visitor. Search engine results are one of the more authoritative ways to establish a visitor’s context because you know exactly what they are looking for.

An Example From The Visitor’s Perspective

Let’s play the visitor for a second. We’ll use Google to look for real estate information on Marietta, GA. So, for the purposes of this demonstration, we’ll enter “Vidlisting Marietta” without the quotes.

We end up with a series of search engine results (you can see them live here so you try this demostration yourself) and we’ll select the vidlisting portal main page as shown in the image above.

Above is what the visitor will see when they land on the Vidlisting main page. A special interface is shown to the visitor that highlights two property videos and a PDF file which has the title of Market Report. What?!? There aren’t any PDF files on our video portal and the word “Marietta” isnt even in the title of the Market Report…but it shows up because it is content that is contextually relevant to the visitor’s search. You can get a wider range of search result values using other terms such as “Vidlisting Panama” for comparison.

Where Is The Other Content Coming From?

We view our role as the providing the best and easiest content syndication and dstribution tools anywhere. Our real estate social network has become a sort of online workspace for managing and syndicating marketing materials.

We’ve set up the vidlisting portal to show any shared content within the social network that matches search criteria. Making content shared is as easy as a single drag and drop. Once shared, your video content and documents are instantly syndicated to a variety of online places based on its context….all with a single drag and drop.

Web Savvy REALTORS and Videographers Can Put This On Their Own Site

You may be thinking right now that this is moderately interesting except you’d prefer to have your own content showing on your own website. To meet the needs of those wanting this capability on their own site as well, we’ve just released a web developer API (GetContentFromWebSearch) that can give you the data you need to put your own documents and videos on your own web site or choose from the body of content available across the platform. The API also saves a full report of all web searches made that is acessible via the real estate social network’s control panel.

In just minutes, you can have your content searchable on other websites. Give it a try and let us know what you think…we have lots more coming.



  1. Question about this content that appears- does it appear anywhere else online? In other words is this duplicate content? If it is how are you avoiding a penalty or devaluation for that?

  2. Hi Riverside

    Excellent question. We are very sensitive to duplicate content. This feature is not considered duplicate content nor does it cause any sort of duplicate content penalties. This is because we are not creating a copy of the content to present. The system simply creates a visual link to wherever the content currently exists.

    Let me know if this explanation makes things more clear. Thanks for stopping by…

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