Finding And Integrating Your Own Content On Local Pages And Local Feeds

September 27, 2008

On of the key portions of the ForSaleByLocals multimedia and marketing platform is the ability to present content in a value-added way by matching to a prospective customer’s desire and sending it out for use (or consumption) by that customer.

We came up with a local pages feature as a way to combine content about a particular area and make it discoverable by consumers in multiple languages. The feature incorporates multiple parts of the platform – geolocation, content management, presentation – that helps consumers find what they need and also helps bloggers/web developers access local content for their own requirements and presentation formats.

How Does It Work If I Want My Content Included?

We have a series of pages such as the following:




where users can find real estate professionals as well as up to date market reports, videos, and real estate sites. We have these pages currently set up in English across over 80 countries. We’ll be optimizing these pages and specifically looking for in other languages starting in the next week. Your blog post has a good chance of appearing on the page for a city/town and the pages for surrounding areas if you tag blog posts as “market report” or simply place market report in the title.

How Can I Use This Information In My Own Blog?

We often are asked how bloggers, web developers, or others can use local information. We’ve activated a RSS feed for each of these geolocated pages. You’ll see the RSS icon in the upper right corner.

You can use the RSS feed to keep up with local events through your feed reader. Developers can also use the feed to build local information into their sites.

Try it out with your own town. The pages have a search feature along the bottom of the page to find other locations. We’d love your feedback.

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