The Platform: Developer Overview

September 30, 2008

I hate writing documentation.

That said, getting the platform developer overview together was a labor of love. Now, whether you are developer or not, you can more easily visualize the capabilities of the multimedia platform like we do. Having this documentation also means that we have moved out of the “what are we building?” phase of the platform to “what do we have?”

Without this simple visualization, many people that we talked to last week had come to differing conclusions as to what the platform is and isnt: It isnt just for video for instance and, frankly, there isnt a reason it should just be for real estate.

Unlike most web 2.0 APIs, our programming interfaces do far more than return a simple SELECT statement.

Developers work better when they know what things are. The conceptual model shows the layers that go into widgets for example, or how the developer APIs (will) span all of the platform’s fundamental capabilities. Let us know if the visual representation makes the platform more clear for you and how we can integrate those capabilities into your own applications or websites.

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