Initial Examples Of Our Vidlisting Video Widgets For WordPress.com Blogs

October 9, 2008

Standard Size

UPDATE: Several people have privately contacted me asking to see a working demo of the functionality. Here is a test page where you can change the title of the above widget. If you don’t see the changes, you may have to refresh or clear your browser’s cache to see the changes when you return to this page depending on your browser settings.

Wordpress SideBar Size

We have a bit more work to do to make the mouseover video preview work and have all of our designs ready for wordpress. However, here are some of the important things that the widget that you are looking at now does:

– Autoupdates every time that you change the title, photo, size, or language of the real widget (soon it will change the design as well)
– Reports how many times that it has been rendered or clicked through
– Otherwise looks and acts like a regular video widget and its code is available on the wordpress link of the “Build A Single Widget” configuration menu

Here is a link to a demo of more cool functionality that we have introduced: MouseOver Video Previews That Are Implemented As Part of The Normal Video Upload Process

We’ll keep making improvements…you keep enjoying the improvements.



  1. Tony, where can I see the video actually embedded in the WP.com post?

  2. I am looking for a video button, widget, template, for this – with tabs National, Local, Properties. I have 3 libraries to display. If someone is relocating and they want to see videos on different cities in the US, they can choose the first tab. If they want to view my local library, then they can choose door nunber 2 and the last tab is for properties with videos. Have you seen such an animal? and if it updated itself as the videos were uploaded than I would really have a Chirstmas present. info@KathyToth.com

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