Later Today: Automated Workaround For The WordPress Widget Problem

October 9, 2008

Later today, we’ll be releasing an automated workaround that will let members of our social network cut and paste special versions of our video and document widgets into WordPress.com blogs. It works for both sizes of widgets – regular and sidebar sized.

There isnt much sophistication to the workaround – the more technically savvy among you may be a bit disappointed – but it works. The widgets are configurable and will autoupdate just like our normal video and document widgets (except for some design limitations as noted below and that is only due to team size and not technical issues). That said, although the widgets appear to be normal widgets, there are a few technical limitations to the wordpress widgets – for instance, you’ll have to redirect to an external player page on your own site (or one of our player pages). We hope to have the video preview feature working however in the wordpress widgets.

We’ll initially have the wordpress widgets functional for Vidlisting.com, BienesRaicesVideo.com, and Imoveisvideo.com only. We’ll then add the unbranded widgets by next week and hopefully have all of the custom widgets (such as RAMB) complete by end of the month.


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