Enterprise Real Estate Video Solutions For Organizations

October 19, 2008

We’ve posted an article that covers criteria for an organization to selct a real estate video provider over on our activerain.com blog. An except follows:

All real estate video platforms are not alike. If your video platform provider is geared to uploading and converting videos, places videos on their own site for the search engines to find, and is more concerned about branding themselves or other third parties, it isnt “enterprise ready”.

Some key factors when considering a video platform for your organization (whether local, state, national or international level in focus)

Branding: An enterprise video solution will “know” where a video is being watched and be able to apply the correct branding to that video. The branding choices should be 100% configurable by the organzation. Members of a given organization should able to upload on their own branded upload form or, if the organization self-hosts, their own video, be able to upload right from their desktop. An enterprise video hosting provider should be invisible both from a customer and issue perspective – that is what you are paying them to be, right?.

Contact Information: Enterprise video solutions should “know” who the primary sales contact is for the properties or the service involved. When a prospective customer makes contact, the contact should be with the listing agent or org member that uploaded the video. Can a provider really call themselves well positioned for providing services to an organization when the contact emphasis is focused on having potential customers contact your videographer? I dont believe so, your customers dont think so, and you likely dont think so either.

Read the rest of the original article


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