Widget Failure Is Not An Option

November 26, 2008

The making of a widget can be a complicated process. The more configurable the widget is, the more points of possible failure it has. We haven’t served you as well as we might have liked in this regard. In the initial version of our platform, we didn’t have an acceptable level of proactive visibility to quickly identify failed widgets or the data right at our fingertips to quickly fix them.  This meant that the same error might continue for hours or days until noticed – until now.

You have been clear in communicating to us that we need to have a robust system. We all know that errors can occur and in response have added an internal system of error identification and notification into our video and document widget functionality. In the week that it has been live, it has been so successful in helping us identify even the tiniest of errors that dont impact the customer that we plan on rolling this same error handling approach broadly across our platform (including the multimedia developer API). So now, when the inadvertent widget error occurs, not only does our support staff and dev team get notified immediately upon a widget error, but I also get notified…for any error….no matter how trivial.  A database entry is also made for tracking purposes by the platform support team.

Errors do happen at times…but, as you say, they should be occasional, one time issues. As such, our teams will be measured on their ability to respond quickly and and ensure that the same error doesn’t again occur. If you aren’t satisfied, just tell me and we’ll make it right.

here is a real life example involving live functionality from a real customer. We rolled the error reporting system out a week ago and we just had our first notification this morning involving a live video interview widget on RAMB’s Broker Profitability page.  The widget had failed, the error message was sent to our support team with specific detail to identify the problem, and the widget was fixed within minutes. You’ll see that all of the RAMB widgets display properly again.

From here on, widget failure is not an option…


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