Consolidating Blogs Into One AutoUpdating Place

December 23, 2008

You may or may not know that we maintain 4 english language blogs around various aspects of video concepts, platform issues, and real estate marketing. It’s caused a bit of “blog schizophrenia” while writing for different audiences because we really didnt have a way to consolidate the blog content in a way that made sense. heck, some of you may not even that we have hundreds of other blog posts in other places than this blog.

Since Vidlisting is undergoing a re-design, we figured it may be a good time to prioritize dealing with this schizophrenic approach to blogging. We ended up with a auto updating single blog page for the 4 blogs that (finally) makes sense of different blog themes and topics.

You can see what we’ve done at http://blog.vidlisting.com. Feel free to leave feedback.


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