Monetize Your Organization’s Content With New Premium Platform Features

January 9, 2009

The ForSalebyLocals multimedia and marketing platform now can help organizations or individual trainers earn money from video/documents or organizational training made available through the FSBL platform on a premium basis. Think of this capability as a Youtube like Web 2.0 system where premium content can be uploaded and made available to end users. Revenues from sales are earned by the organization or person that uploaded the content. It’s a great way for an organization to make money from content that they already have.

We are pleased to announce that the U.S. National Association of REALTORS (NAR) is our cooperative launch partner for a real estate related website that offers premium educational content for agents and investors (http://www.educationalmedialibrary.com). The collaborative effort with NAR will have educational content available in 6 languages within the coming weeks. We are currently developing similar functionality for other websites.

Organizations or trainers retain complete control and intellectual property rights of any content posted to the premium functionality. Some other aspects of the flexible premium features of the FSBL multimedia and marketing platform include the following:

– Broad Range Of Content Options: Organizations or trainers have a wide range of choices for content that they’d like to make available on a premium basis. These include videos, documents, and live webinars.  Organizations or trainers that have an existing live webinar program can also make recorded versions of webinars available on a premium basis.

-Content Syndication Options: the organization or individual trainer can choose to make premium content available as functionality on their own website(s), separate website(s), or syndicated through choices of partner sites that also have agreements to host FSBL premium content. Organizations can also restrict syndication and availability of premium content to members within a specific geographical area, a specific organization, or a specific list of candidates.

– Video Preview Availability: the platform also support video previews for content.  These previews can be viewed whereever premium content is hosted or in special premium widgets that can be placed anywhere the organization desires.  The widgets allow preview content to be displayed and provide options to purchase the associated content right through the widget.

– Unlimited Content Uploads and Approval: The platform provides unlimited content uploads for premium content.  There is no artificial 100MB upload limit for videos so entire event sessions can be recorded and uploaded as a single upload.  Uploaded content remains in a pending state until your organization’s administrator configures the payment options, availability, syndication possibilities, and approves the content. Content goes live once approved by the organizations admin and (where necessary) becomes available for approval by syndication partners.

– Granular Billing Choices For End Users: the organization or trainer has granular control to make any individual content available for billing to end users on a pay-per-view, purchase, subscription, or grouped package basis. Billing options are configured as part of the content upload process and can be changed at any time.  Individual content can also be marked as free.

– Little or No Upfront Costs For Organizations And Trainers: Organizations can get involved with little or no upfront costs depending on the amount of custom work desired on one’s own website or with certain syndication partners. There are plenty of rich oportunities without upfront costs. Content available using the premium platform features is offered on a revenue share basis, billed through the platform, and revenue shares are paid out monthly.

– Premium Content Can Be Made Available in Multiple Languages: Organizations can provide or contract our internal capability to translate content into English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, and/or French. The platform wil handle all details to make the premium content available through the proper language distribution channels.

Affiliated partner sites also receive a revenue share for content sold through their site or widgets. if you are interested in becoming an affiliated partner, please contact tony@forsalebylocals.com

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