100% Customizable Embedded Video Widgets Available On 20 Feb 2009

February 19, 2009

on Friday, 20 Feb, we’ll be releasing another game changing piece of web 2.0 online video functionality – completely customizable video widgets that can be embedded into your blog or website.  We’ve been collecting feedback from a series of well known bloggers and the feedback has been remarkably positive.  You can select all of the colors associated with widgets hosted by our system – from the background colors to the text colors to the image border colors and even the shape of the title bar (square or rounded corners).  I have to say that it drop dead simple and remarkable in terms of the possible combinations.

You can even upload a logo and select where you’d like to have the logo displayed within the widget.

We’ve been developing custom widgets to Premium and corporate level customers for some time now. However, the design process was completely manual.  We’ve finally automated the process so that even TRIAL level members will be able to see the direct benefits of  designing and using their own embeddable widgets before they choose a premium or corporate membership.

Corporate members will be to design a number of custom branded widgets that can be made available to members of their corporate umbrella.

As always, once you’ve designed a custom branded widget, it automatically becomes the default widget whenever you upload a new video. No further configuration or manual selection is required – it just happens!

Our developer partners will find the APIs required to design widgets  programatically in the beta API toolset starting next week.


  1. sounds like some great widgets you guys have created

  2. Wait until tomorrow when you can see it in action…. literally everything is customizable.


  3. Just dropping by.Btw, you website have great content!

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