Broadening The Set Of Enterprise Content Platform Customers

May 8, 2009

In 2006, when we were just starting this project, we knew that a niche would be required to be able to successfully monetize our then video-only platform. We knew that the flash video player would eventually become commoditized just as it did and focused on platform capabilities rather than a feature rich player.  Turned out to be a smart move on our part – we’d otherwise be right where almost all of the other youtube clones are right now.

Because we were (and still are) a bootstrapped company, our approach was fairly simple: build out a section of our platform, get paying customers, rinse, and repeat. We made the decision to focus in real estate because it was and still is a great niche to demonstrate our platform capabilities with geolocation, content management, and language support.  Let’s face it, we were video before video was cool, local before local was cool, and international before international was cool.

That said, we always knew that the platform had broad applicability outside of real estate.  We are starting to market to those non-real estate markets and beginning to find success. We’re entering into a series of technical discussion with multinational players around a number of applications for our platform.  We’ll still have a team 100% focused on the real estate specific platform features but are also now hiring for broader expertise and executing against a plan well beyond real estate.

As a result, this blog will continue to focus on the broader aspects of the platform.

When we said that we would be an enterprise solution, we meant it. If our current technical discussions go well, we anticipate seeing rollouts of non-real estate versions of our platform within the next 2-3 months.  Stay tuned – we’ll release details as we are allowed.


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