Improved Image Handling Across The Platform In Next Release

June 29, 2010

Our next platform release is just around the corner and one of the specific areas we’ve put a lot of work into is image handling.  There’s likely a whole set of readers that are letting out a sigh of relief…we’ve heard your feedback and really focused on getting image handling correct in this next release (July 2010).

from feedback we received, we’d done well in some image handling areas especially those that involved video previews upon upload.  As we sat down and really had some open discussion internally and with enterprise customers, we need that we needed to do better.

The first focus area was the automation around knowing exactly what type of image had been uploaded. While we likely have a state of the art implementation for automated detection on the video side, our image detection system wasn’t nearly as comprehensive or reliable.  We’ve made tangible improvements for the next release.

The second focus area was making ensuring that every image was efficiently sized and shaped for all potential uses throughout the platform and on partner sites.

Lastly, we spent a lot of time focusing on how members store, share, group, and syndicate  all of the available content within the platform but especially images.  I’ll cover the specific functionality and platform features in more detail as we get closer to release.  There are a number of surprises here that I cannot wait to share.

We’ve also done a lot of image specific work within the developer API.  Members with access to the dev API will receive a separate document detailing all of the changes just prior to the next release going live.  We done our best to incorporate as many improvements as possible into the existing API set so you *may* already be seeing benefits from the code changes for the next version.

This is just a taste, I know…but we still have two weeks or so until launch. Until then, know that we’ve heard you….


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