Our Spanish Language Real Estate Blog Overtakes This Blog In Total Pageviews

July 31, 2007

In a testament to the growing spanish language real estate blogging readership, our Spanish language blog http://casacomprar.wordpress.com has jumped past the total page views of this blog.

My colleague Alicia Yabeta runs that blog and has worked diligently since spring 2006 to build a spanish language real estate community around her blog which now consistently runs between 150 and 200 views per day and still growing.  For some, that may be less than an hour..but the spanish language real estate blogging community hardly existed a year ago. When she started she was lucky to get 5 page views per day.

Congratulations are definitely in order.



  1. That’s so great; I believe that the Hispanic community does not get as much credit for using the internet. So many people still have family back in their original countries and the internet has been a great way to stay in touch with friends and family. Even with language being a barrier it has not stopped people from using it. Felicidades!

  2. kissimeeflagent: Alicia has really done a super job of building a community where there really was not one. If you speak spanish, give her site a spin too. Thanks for stopping by!


  3. I don’t speak Spanish fluently (I just took it in High School), but I think it’s wonderful! Thanks for sharing your good news!

  4. NM: We are very proud of the things that the team is doing in other languages. Thank you for stopping by and sharing it with us.

  5. Nice blog!

  6. It is good to know there are successful Spanish real estate blogs like yours, and that they are being read. In our market, there are spanish-speaking realtors who have taken advantage of hispanic families who don’t know English. They have been victims of all kinds of misrepresnetations.

  7. Kermit: From what I’ve read recently, there are a lot of buyers in the US that *do* understand english that have been just as taken advantage of. It’s a socioeconomic and educational problem and not limited to certain ethnicities.

  8. m.. thank you

  9. It’s cultural blogging…it’s writing for a different demographic. Our markets are very much multi-lingual and what you’ve done is write for a growing demographic! The growing traffic is indeed a testament to the fact that the hispanic community wants to read content directed at them.

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