Making Video Widgets More Effective With Office Documents And PDF Support

June 28, 2008

This weekend, we’ll release a feature that will add Microsoft Office documents and Adobe PDFs as media types that can be shared within our social networking workspaces.  You’ll be able to do everything with these types of documents that you can do with videos and real estate shows at http://social.vidlisting.com – seamlessly and quickly share them with other members without cutting and pasting links, include them in individual and grouped widgets, and know how many times that the documents have been viewed.

We have two unique features related to documents that we’ll demonstrate in detail once the functionality is live.

– Easily associate an office document or PDF file with a video or real estate show: This is more than just adding a document to a video bar or grouped widget. Once released this weekend, your video and real estate shows widgets can carry along and display an associated document that viewers can click on from either the embedded widget or the player page. These associated documents can be added at will to Youtube videos, real estate shows, or videos uploaded to vidlisting. They can also be  removed or changed at any time via the newly designed widget creation interface.

– Directly Communicate Through The Widget With The Person Posting The Document With One Mouse Click: Like videos, viewers of document widgets will be able to communicate directly with the member that posted the document using the messaging platform built into http://social.vidlisting.com. The messaging capability will function from anywhere that the document widget is posted

Let’s use real estate as an example.  A member of the vidlisting social network has a Real Estate Show of a property in their workspace, a PDF with the listing information, and an Vidlisting agent introduction or even a local community video posted on Youtube. The member can easily combine all of these into a single video widget specifically for the property that has a link to the listing PDF as well as a link to the agent’s profile video or community video. The listing virtual tour remains the primary focus of the widget but rich supporting information is now part of the video widget as well in a variety of different media formats. 

Any interested buyers can get to each of the disparate media types from either the video widget for the property or the player page.  In addition, interested sellers in the same area can also communicate directly with the agent to request a listing presentation. At any time, the member can review where the widget has been posted, how many times the widget has been viewed, and how many clickthroughs it has received.

Now that’s making web 2.0 work for you. Stay tuned…


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